Labels - Marketing - Shops

CWM-MUSIC (my own label and community for artist)
MONKEYMUSIC (label of tanga - homme beige and promo of windfire)
NÖ MUSIKFABRIK (marketing of shineform)
NO EDITION (label of shineform & n.n. und ähnliche elemente)
HOANZL (marketing of universal rhythm blasters at work-Windfire)
SELLFY (video tutorials of georg edlinger)
SUNNY MOON (international marketing of my perc. solo cd & kling klong dvd)
TIMEZONE RECORDS (marketing of universal rhythm blasters at work-windfire)
SAM-MUSIC (drums & percussion center)
SCHLAGWERKSTATT (interesting selection of drums and percussion)
DRUMCITY (a very fine drums-percussionshop in vienna)
CAJON WOLF (interesting selection of handmade cajones in austria)
PERCUSSION HERBERT BRAND (marketing of my drums & percussion books)

Artist - Musician - Instructor

SHINEFORM (my group with volker kagerer, mario rechtern and many guests)
HOMME BEIGE (electronic music from berlin who I play with)
PETROL GANG (pop-reggae with bnb and lady mojito, who I play percussion)
BAMBU RADIO (percussion music with benno sterzer, klaus zalud and tanja pichler)
PRAIRIE LIZARDS (blues-soul with t. pichler and doc. gerstmayr, who I play drums)
ELECTRIC MANTRA (sanna pirita & band, who I play percussion & drums)
VA SERVITO BEN FRESCO (dear colleagues in cooperation with shineform)
N.N. UND ÄHNLICHE ELEMENTE (creativ cd cooperation with shineform from mühlheim germany)
DIDI BRUCKMAYR (singer and performer, he plays with shineform)
KLING KLONG (the making of kling klong - recycling of the sounds)
MARIO RECHTERN (manipulatet reeds, I play with him in duo projekts cd production and performances)
MAME BIRANE M` BOUP (a griot masterdrummer from senegal, he plays on my solo cd)
DR. CHIBUEZE C. UDEANI (from nigeria, together we do afro percussion courses in upper austria)
MAG. ANDREAS STEINER (st.a.ll, the gallery for artists of amstetten)
RICARDO HERNANDEZ (cuban singer who I play percussion with)
SHANGRI LA (project linz 09 who I play metal-percussion with)
HARRY JEN (producer - universal rhythm blasters at work)
BNB (R & B with old friends from vienna who I play drums with)
2faces (a band from krumnussbaum with funk, sometimes I play perc.)
ERROL DIX (techno producer - universal ryhthm blasters at work) 
LOUIS SANOU (a masterdrummer of burkina f. , he plays with african club 3)
DJAKALI KONE (a griot and masterdrummer of burkina faso)
HANENE FRANK (an excellent artist and instructor for belly dance)
TANJA PICHLER (an excellent artist and singer - universal rhythm blasters at work, nosferatu and more)
TROMMELKREIS (a percussion teacher and drumcircle in styria)                                                                
LANG UND LENGL (an excellent singer with who I played by fish lips and bnb)
DER SCHWIMMER (a pop musician of austria with who I play perc. on his new cd)
BERT HASLINGER (a very fine drums and percussion teacher in horn and vienna)
BENNO STERZER (a musician and percussion teacher for african percussion)
NORBERT MOTTAS (works for a magazin and is author and rock`n roll musician)
STIMMBEWUSST (a creative school for voice training in vienna)
TROMMELSCHULE (a creative school for percussion and drum lessons)
DRUMELSTETTNER (a creativ drum ensemble in amstetten)
LICHTPUNKT STUDIO (a very fine studio of sound engineer andy eicher)
DRUMBALL-CONNECTION (my percussion group with students & guests)
WOLFGANG SCHIEßBIEGL (a very fine drummer and percussion teacher & composer for ethno-percussion)
LÜNEBURGER SCHROTTTROMMLER (scrap-drum group on a high level)
AKADEMIE FÜR ETHNO-PERCUSSION (professional percussion studies)
UNIVERSAL RHYTHM BLASTERS AT WORK  (my funky poject & cd windfire)



SCHLAGWERK PERCUSSION (the best cajons for which I am endorser)
AGNER - DRUMSTICKS (high quality drumsticks with my signature)
MEINL PERCUSSION (the best congas and latin percussion)
HANDS ON DRUMS (the best and only cajudoo of jens rabenseifner)
DRUM DESIGN (individual drumsets with high level by christian färber)


ZUM KUCKUCK (important concertplace in amstetten where you can also buy shoes)
JAZZGALERIE NICKELSDORF (center for improvisation in austria)
KULTUR ST. JOHANN (important concertplace for contemporary-music in the tirol)
JAZZATELIER ULRICHSBERG (center for improvisation in austria)
BLUE TOMATO (important concertplace for jazz contemporary in vienna)
SMARAGD (organizer with many concerts in linz and location of afro-latin music)
RHIZ (very nice concertplace for electronic music in vienna)


BLUESFAN (the blues & rock´ n roll community and platform for bnb)
SÜDFILMFEST (important filmfestival with music in amstetten)
MOSTROPOLIS (a important platform for events)
KUNSTVEREIN NH10 (a community and platform for artists in linz)
KULTURVERNETZUNG (a platform for culture in lower austria)
PERCUSSION CREATIV (the european drum community